Better Outcomes Research


Our mission is to create a more just and equitable society, breaking cycles of underperformance, poverty, and prejudice.


To pursue this mission, we study what works to increase the academic achievement of students in poverty in  New York State, and share our results with practitioners. 

About the Executive Director


Manya C. Bouteneff, EdD

Manya C. Bouteneff, EdD,  is Senior Research Professor and Faculty Coach at Monroe College, King Graduate School. Her greatest passion is in beating the odds: creating high-performing  environments so that students in traditionally under-performing  demographic groups can  succeed. This passion has brought her to her current work as a  researcher.

Manya earned her doctorate in Educational Administrative Practice from Columbia University’s Teachers College. Her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction is from the University of Vermont.

Manya’s  experience includes public-school building, district, and regional  leadership for 18 years. She has held elementary, middle, high-school,  and district  leadership positions, turning around two schools that remain highly  effective. She was Executive Director of the Hudson Valley RBE-RN for three years, serving a region of 144 districts. Manya also taught French in grades 2, 4-12 and Russian in grades 9-12 for 14  years, and spent two years teaching English as a new language to adults in Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa.